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Sports Sponsorship

As part of our commitment to ensure that talented young athletes are given every opportunity to progress in their chosen sport Wrexham's Leisure and Recreation Department have two schemes that can help.

Sports Sponsorship

Young talented individuals can apply for individual grants to help them with their expenses.

Sports Sponsorship Criteria

  • Applicants must be under 21 years of age
  • Applicants must be resident within Wrexham County Borough Council
  • Applications are only considered from families who receive the following support payments:
    Child Tax Credit;
    Free School Meals
  • Applicants should represent at county, regional, national or international standard, or to be considered to have the potential to reach such level
  • Supporting statement from secretary/coach/tutor must be submitted.

If you would like anymore information or an application form please contact Louise Brady 01978 297359 or email Louise.brady@wrexham.gov.uk

North Wales Gold Card

The North Wales Gold Card provides assistance to talented sportspeople in North Wales who are current representatives of Wales in their sport. The scheme offers access to local authority leisure facilities for training purposes within Anglesey, Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire, Gwynedd and Wrexham. Special arrangements also exist at other establishments including Colleges, Universities and Golf Clubs.

What are the benefits of having a North Wales Gold Card?

  • Free access to Council Leisure Centre facilities across the six Counties of North Wales.
  • Free access to leisure facilities at North Wales Universities and Colleges.
  • On production of a valid training programme (signed by an Officer of the National Governing Body) access will be granted to the following activities:
    • Swimming
    • Fitness Suites/Weights Rooms
    • Fitness Classes
    • Outdoor Athletics Tracks
    • Activity that relates directly to your sport (e.g. squash player = Squash courts)
  • Free access to North Wales Indoor Athletics Centre at Deeside College for cardholders who compete in Athletics.
  • Free access to some Golf Clubs for elite golfers.
  • Free lifestyle workshops and discounts with some equipment and clothing suppliers.

What is the eligibility criteria?

  • Applicants must reside within one of the six counties of North Wales (Anglesey, Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire, Gwynedd or Wrexham).
  • Applicants must be a current member of a NATIONAL SQUAD of a Welsh Sports Governing Body.  This needs to be supported by providing copies of squad invitation letters.
  • Applicants whose sports do not have international fixtures and/or compete as an individual, must have finished in the first three positions of a Welsh championship, organised by the national governing body of sport (N.B. Not Urdd or Schools National Competitions), within the last 12 months.
  • Talented Golfers must be a current member of the Welsh Golf Union National Squad to access Golf Clubs.  (They must also be a member of any North Wales Golf Club).
  • Your governing body of sport must be recognised by the Sports Council for Wales.

What is the application process?

  • Check these guidelines to ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Complete the application form.
  • The application form must be signed by the Regional Development Officer OR a Sport Specific Development Officer of the National Governing Body of your sport (NGB).
  • The application must have the following sent with it:
    • Copies of squad invitation letters OR other supporting evidence of the achievements.  This must be provided on the official headed paper of the National Governing Body.
    • Two passport photographs.
    • A £5.00 cheque. Cheques payable to the organisation detailed in the pack.
  • The form should be returned to the local Sports Development Officer at the contact address provided in the pack.
  • Incomplete applications will be returned so that all the information can be provided. 
  • Applications can take up to one month to process.
  • If the relevant criteria are met a membership card will be issued.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

  • The cardholder must comply with the rules and regulations appertaining to the facilities being used.  In the event of the card being misused, the local authority reserves the right to withdraw the North Wales Gold Card.
  • The card is non-transferable.
  • The membership card must be produced at reception on each admission or the cardholder will be required to pay the full charge appertaining at that time.
  • The card can only be used for training purposes.  The card is not to be used for centres of development/excellence, squads or private organisation training to reduce the costs for others or where payment to a private coach is involved. 
  • Only one advance booking per week can be made on facilities that need to be booked.  On other occasions the cardholder may pre-book 24 hours in advance or turn up on the chance that the facility is available.  All other facilities can be accessed subject to the opening hours.
  • Some facilities may charge up to 75% of the total cost of a court (e.g. squash or badminton) to the training partner(s) of the gold cardholder.
  • The card is valid for 12 months from date of issue.  To reapply the card will need to be returned with a completed evaluation form and new application.

Terms and Conditions for Golfers

  • Golfers must be a member of one North Wales Golf Club.
  • The Golf Club reserves the right to confirm your membership of a North Wales Golf Club.
  • The Golf Club Professional/Secretary must be contacted prior to the cardholders first visit.
  • The Golf Club Professional/Secretary must be contacted prior to each visit to check availability.
  • The Golf Club reserves the right to refuse admission if the system is being misused or if club rules are not being met. 


  • Age restrictions on some facilities / activities apply.  Cardholders will be required to confirm this prior to use of the facilities.
  • Cardholders will be required to have an induction for some facilities eg. Fitness Suites.  A payment may be required for this service.
  • Access to some fitness classes may not be granted due to limited numbers, or if the classes are being held as a course.
  • All bookings are at the discretion of the centre management.

The local authority reserves the right to consult any organisation either local or national in connection with this application in order to assess the applicant's progress and current competitive status. The local authority reserves the right to refuse the allocation of a North Wales Gold Card.