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Starting Nursery Education

Guide to Parents / Guardians

This page has been written as a guide to parent/carers who are considering nursery education for their child/ren. The following questions are the ones most frequently asked by parents. We trust that this page is useful. Should you require any advice or further information please contact the Admissions Office, address shown below.

At what age may my child start Nursery education at school?

Children may start in nursery school in the September following their 3rd birthday. Nursery school is five half-day sessions a week. Some schools offer morning sessions and others afternoon.

How do I register my child at School?

Contact the Local Authority (LA) who will explain the procedures and send you an admission form. You may be asked to provide official documentation showing your child's date of birth. Forms are available at all nursery/infant/primary schools after the Christmas holidays prior to September when the child is eligible to start school.

Do I have a choice of school for my child?

Parents may express a preference for any nursery provision for their child. The Admission Authority will try to comply with preference, but if the number of applications is greater than the number of places available at the school, then the Authority uses its published oversubscription criteria to allocate the places. This gives priority to those children who are in the care of the Local Authority (looked after children); those children with special requirements that can only be met at that school; those with brothers/sisters already in the school; and those that live closest to the school.

How do I know which school to select?

There are lists of schools in all the local libraries (ask for 'The Parents’ and Carers’ Guide to Education Services in Wrexham').

If my child doesn't speak Welsh, and no Welsh is spoken at home, can s/he still go to Welsh medium nursery school?

Yes, the majority of children entering Welsh medium education at nursery level are from English speaking families. Although they start off not speaking any Welsh at all, they are taught through the medium of Welsh and learn the language very quickly. Most of these children continue in Welsh medium education and perform as well as naturally Welsh speaking children in Teacher Assesment at the end of KS3, GCSEs and other qualifications.

What if my child doesn't speak English?

Activities in the Nursery provide excellent opportunities for language development. Your child will learn English through structured play. Remember that at three years old your child is still developing his/her first language. It is important that you continue to maintain your home language. This will help your child learn English more quickly, and benefit overall learning.

May I have transport to take my child to Nursery school?

No, nursery pupils are not eligible for free school transport.

Whom should I contact with queries and for further advice and admission forms?

Admissions Office
Children and Young People Service
16 Lord Street
LL11 1LG

Tel: 01978 297505