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The National Curriculum

During primary education and for the first years of secondary education (years 7, 8 and 9) all schools offer a broad and balanced programme which includes all National Curriculum subjects. The aim is to ensure a sound platform of basic skills, knowledge and understanding and to promote the personal development of all pupils.

All year 10 and 11 (4th and 5th year) pupils continue to study the National Curriculum subjects but with some scope for options to suit pupils' individual talents and interests. Parents are fully consulted about these options and about continuing education, training and job opportunities. A careers adviser is attached to each school, and counselling and advice is therefore, readily available.

Wrexham County Borough schools seek to develop their pupils academically, personally and socially. Each school has a pastoral structure which provides for their care and welfare.

At the end of the last stage of compulsory education, all schools provide opportunities for pupils to take public examinations. Most pupils enter for the General Certificate of Secondary Examination (GCSE). In addition some students take vocational courses.