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Labour Supply

Wrexham's unemployment level is relatively low, in terms of the UK average, and hovers around the 3 - 4% mark.

This low level should not deter potential inward investor, as the workforce in this part of the UK is unusually mobile and will travel exceptional distances for the right job. People travel both to and from Wrexham in great numbers and the travel-to-work area extends to over 30 miles, from as far away as Manchester, Liverpool, the North Wales Coast, North Shropshire and Cheshire.


Not only is the workforce mobile, but it also has a great reputation for flexibility and loyalty, with a great many workers appearing to stay with companies for most of their working lives. Wrexham's economic base has changed radically over the years, on account of major closures and mass redundancies but, unlike many areas so affected, it has not gone into decline. The situation is, in fact, quite the reverse and the economy has grown and flourished and has diversified into many new areas. The businesses that have become established in Wrexham are quite different from the coal, steel and heavy industry that were once the norm and yet the workforce has easily adapted to meet their particular needs.